Atlantic Wall Prints

Each print is hand made using specialist Fine Art papers and comes with a white border so you can frame up to the edge of the print or choose to use a window mount .

Each print is signed on the white border and editioned by the artist.

The Atlantic Wall was a series of fortifications built by the Germans in WW2 to defend themselves from invasion whilst occupied militarily on the Eastern front with Russia. The fortifications run from Sweden in the North to Spain in the South and together form a very extensive network of concrete structures. I am interested in their locations and the way nature is eroding this man made concrete piece by piece. The Bunkers had a formidable sense of place and power and today retain their unique character and also integrate into the maritime landscape. I am captivated by the Blockhouses of the Atlantic Wall. These are fine art Giclee limited edition prints available for sale direct from the Nicholas Gentilli

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